American Hunter Says She Has No Regrets about Killing a Black Giraffe -

American Hunter Says She Has No Regrets about Killing a Black Giraffe

The American woman who received death threats after she killed a giraffe in South Africa says she has no regrets almost a year after photos of her proudly posing with the dead animal went viral.  
Tess Thompson Talley, 38, defended her love of hunting in a CBS interview airing on Friday, saying:

“They [animals] are put there for us, we harvest them and we eat them!”
In a pre-packaged segment, Talley was seen at her home in Odessa, Texas, where she was dressed in camouflage gear and filmed killing a wildebeest on a wildlife ranch. When asked about the black giraffe she had killed during her gaming trip to South Africa, she laughed:
“He was delicious!”
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Tess Talley is speaking out for the first time since her photo of a giraffe she killed in South Africa in 2017 prompted worldwide outrage.

In a new CBSN Originals documentary, @adamyamaguchi followed her as she tracked a wildebeest on a wildlife ranch.

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Talley, who works in a ball-bearing factory, then showed off the gun case she had made from the skin of the dead animal. 
“This is a part of the black giraffe that I shot, something I could take around with me, and have on my hunts!' she stated, as she slung the case around. I also have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them,” she excitedly declared.
After the segment aired, Talley joined CBS This Morning live in the studio, where she was grilled by a group of panelists, including Gayle King.  During the chat, Talley insisted that her hunting trips were actually helpful to the animal kingdom, rather than harmful. 
“We are preserving... we are managing herds, we're managing numbers of wildlife,” she insisted. 
Talley later declared:
“I am proud to be a hunter, and I'm proud to hunt, and I am proud of [killing] that

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