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20 Genius School Ideas That Should Be At Every School

The school is like a second home where teachers act like parents and students learn practical lessons. However, the learner and the teacher are not the only essential elements that make up a school.
he school building itself also plays a major role in learning. We all wish the school would have been more fun. So let these genius school ideas show you how cool school can be.

“Technical University Munich Put Slides In Their Building. I’m Pretty Jealous”


“My Son’s Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By His Teacher Related To The Lesson”

“This Japanese Kindergarten Is Built Around A Tree”

tezuka architects

“I Found This In My School Computer Room”

“My Son’s School Has A Vending Machine For School Supplies”


“How My University Is Helping Us Get Over Exam Stress”

“My Cooking Class Has A Mirror On The Ceiling So We Can See What The Teacher Is Doing”


School Paints Lockers As Book Spines To Create An “Avenue Of Literature”

“Our Local High School Has Solar Panel Tables With Usb Outlet Ports For Students To Charge Their Devices”


“Hate Getting Stuck Behind Slow People On The Stairs? My School Just Put These In Everywhere On Campus”

“This School Has A Slide Direct From Classroom To Playground. Childhood Dream”

“My Daughter’s First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning”


“The Science Building In My University Has Periodic Tables”

This Door In A Math Classroom


“My School Has Skateboard Parking”

“This is how my university stops people from leaving with the calculators.”

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“This Vending Machine At My School Sells Various School Supplies”

“My school fights littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

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