People Are Already Getting Arrested Trying To “Storm Area 51” To “See Them Aliens” -

People Are Already Getting Arrested Trying To “Storm Area 51” To “See Them Aliens”

“Storm Area 51” is a Facebook event humorously(hopefully) advising attendees to flock the military base to “see them aliens”. Now this event has already landed two people in jail.

Last week, Nevada police detained Dutch YouTube content creators Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep and Ties Granzier for visiting the Nevada National Security Site. Nevada National Security Site is a government nuclear area situated 10 miles away from Area 51. According to the officials, the two intruders had flown to the U.S. exactly to join the hot Facebook event.

Nye County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Wednesday saying that the YouTubers’ car was discovered parked three miles inside the nuclear area boundry. They had a camera, a laptop, and a drone, with videotape from inside the facility previously shot on the camera.

The alien-hunting event is planned for September 20 and many people are expected to flock to the area to find them aliens.


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