Denmark Buys Last Remaining Circus Elephants in The Country for $1.6 Million to Let Them Retire -

Denmark Buys Last Remaining Circus Elephants in The Country for $1.6 Million to Let Them Retire

Denmark plans to ban the use of all wild animals in circuses later this year

In preparation for a total ban on forcing wild animals to perform in circuses, Denmark has purchased the four remaining circus elephants in the country so they can live their final days in peace.

The country bought the animals from two circuses for $1.6 million, PBS reports.
Animal Protection Denmark will care for the animals until a more suitable home can be found for them.The United Kingdom, Hawaii and New Jersey banned the practice of using wild animals in circuses earlier this year, according to Good News Network.
Denmark‘s ban is expected to go into effect later this year.The bans include elephants, tigers, lions, bears, and primates.

Increasingly popular animal-free circuses, such as the Vernardos Circus focus on the spectacular acts of willing and happy humans rather than coerced and captive wild animals.

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