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17000 Plastic Bags Used To Build A More Durable Road In Scotland

In true Scottish fashion of bringing something new to the world, Linkwood Steadings Housing development present in Elgin Scotland has built a road using about 17000 bags of plastic.

But how does one do that? Well, flexibility is an advantage, but that’s just a property useful for making the road.Well, you first convert 20 tons of plastic, which is almost equal to 17000 bags of plastic into tiny solid pieces or pellets, and use them as the road surface. Interestingly, this road built not only resembles a normal road but is also more durable, thanks to the plastic flexibility.

Importantly, this road is built of plastic that would be taken to a landfill or the incinerator, leading to even more air or soil pollution, as per Dave Main from the Springfield Properties. MacRebur supported the statement. MacRebur is the company that took up the contract of constructing the said road.

Sarah Larkin, the contracts manager of MacRebur hopes that this would inspire others to look for more eco- friendly modes of construction material. Also, she believes that other developers would soon come a-knocking, as their company spreads all over the country and into the UK. Perhaps, across the planet too.
Quite a recent company, they established their first factories in Dumfries and Galloway this March.
We can only hope that they will grow from here on and become big.

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