Trophy Hunter Who Murdered 3 Baboon Families Eaten Alive By Lions -

Trophy Hunter Who Murdered 3 Baboon Families Eaten Alive By Lions

Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in South Africa was shaken with the screams of a man who was attacked and trampled by an Elephant before he was eaten by a Pride of Lions at the private game reserve near the Kruger National Park. Before the lions were dispersed with the help of gun-shots, they had eaten most of the body barring the head that was untouched.

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Police initially thought that the victim was a tractor driver who worked in this private reserve. But later on when they found the driver alive the suspicion began to grow. A hunting rifle was recovered near the remains of the dead that almost confirmed it to be the same poacher who had sneaked into the private reserve the night day before and killed 3 families of Baboons.

The man was killed viciously and the incidence had been very disturbing and terrifying. Nevertheless, sympathy does not stand with the victim who had been hunting in the private reserve. The man had killed 3 Baboon families and spread the bodies around to attract and distract the lions while making it easier to hunt the Rhino so he could sell the horn later. And when someone like him transgresses the limits and enters the domain of lions with intention of harming them, the king of the jungle never forgets its animal instincts for survival. The encounter then is a fair game, lions with their power and a poacher with his gun met his chosen fate.

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