Voyager 2 May Have Been Hacked As It Entered Deep Space -

Voyager 2 May Have Been Hacked As It Entered Deep Space

NASA's ground-breaking voyager 2 probe is more than 3 decades into its epic journey towards unknown deep space. On April 22nd, 2010 just as the spacecraft prepares to cross the boundary to enter into interstellar space, it suddenly malfunctions without any warning. As NASA’s planetary scientist, Kevin Baines said:

“Just about 10 billion miles away from the Earth and all of the sudden it starts sending data in the language we don’t understand. It can be called as an alien language”

Someone or something had altered Voyager 2’s communication system. Kevin continued:

“Checking the systems with another data link that they have, they (Voyager 2 team) can tell nothing else is wrong on the spacecraft. It’s just one system”

Later results revealed that a single digit in the binary code of command system on Voyager 2; ‘0’ was flipped to a ‘1’. Flipping of one bit of data suggest that some unknown party intentionally interfered with Voyager 2’s on-board computers.

Binary bit flipping is trick used by several hackers. Bit flipping can actually shut down a computer or even corrupt data. Investigators started to look for the source of possible hack and they first looked at Earth. But as the distance is involved so this makes it highly unlikely.

As we all know that Voyager 2 is carrying a message by humanity into space. The message encoded abroad Voyager 2 is for intelligent civilizations it may encounter in future. So could bit flipping be a response to our message?

Some researchers say that bit flipping could be an obvious response by Aliens. After 3 weeks of this anomaly researcher were successful in restoring the communication system. But who or what caused the anomaly is still a question. The exact cause of bit flipping still stays unknown. 

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  1. I really makes one wonder?? Why NASA did not come up with a program that could read the flip? It might just be possible that this Craft came into contact with another intelligent being, a being that has surpassed the old line of 1's & 0's. They may used just "0". Like if you look at the pictures by the craft above you notice something strange... that the pictures "kinda tell something?" but what? If we could figure out a way to read, and or have a program that could duplicate those pictures, then in a reverse order what would it say? The 1st symbol looks as though someone or something is saying... "we followed the path", like as in the path where this craft originally came from... At the end of the day, so much is unknown about ourselves, where we came from, who we came from, whats out there, and or who is out there... I honestly think we should maintain and keep to ourselves, before we one day get an answer, and that might just be the answer we have been waiting for and the one we feared the most.....


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