It's Not A Meteor - Something Massive Just Entered Earth's Atmosphere -

It's Not A Meteor - Something Massive Just Entered Earth's Atmosphere

The people behind the YouTube channel BPEarthWatch have revealed that a huge object that is not a meteor has entered into the atmosphere of Earth on December 2. BPEarthWatch monitor meteor radar data that is incoming and then delivers facts about it and up to now they have done a good job doing so. In the video, the operator of the channel explains that when objects or meteors hit the upper atmosphere of the Earth, they have signatures that are picked up electronically by a VHF transmitter and a receiver system. A CLOAKED SPACE SHIP? The system then bounces a signal from the ionosphere of the Earth, and it can identify the ionization trail of an object that is incoming, and this can then be converted over to data that is tangible.

BPEarthWatch has said that the signal they received on December 2 did not have Sporadic E, which is a false signal that is found only in the summer months. They said that what was seen was something very different and it was very big and had come in very slowly. The operator of the channel said that it was something that would not be classed as being normal and they were not sure what it was. They went on to say that there had not been any meteors around that were so big and which would come to Earth with a signal that would last as long. There has been some talk about the fact that the radar echo heard might have been down to the launch of a rocket or perhaps it was a UFO. The video below allows you to hear what the radar echo sounds like, a frequency noise that continues on for some time. The graph shows the spikes in the sound frequency undulating up and down. Another video shows the sound some 30 minutes later from the previous video, and this one has narration over the top. They go on to explain that the sounds and graph on this video are considered normal, and it is meteors or objects in the upper atmosphere of Earth and is shown as an ionization trail. The voice goes on to explain that the other video differed from this one and they have never seen it before.

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