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Why Has NASA Not Returned To The Moon

It was 19th of December 1972 when Apollo 17 returned to Earth after 8 days on Moon. It was quite a successful mission and it was the 6th manned mission on Moon. But no one knew that it would be the last mission on Moon. Today we are in the 20th century, it has been 45 years now but still, Apollo 17 is the last to land on the Moon. Despite having advanced technology and more knowledge about what may be the reason for our this loss in interest. Let’s have a brief view.

Are Aliens Living On The Moon?
NASA is one of the foremost organization in the sense of Global Space Exploration. The United States of America controls this organization. But still, almost 32% of people of America believe that NASA didn’t return to Moon because it is colonized by aliens. Some of them even believe that NASA 1st Moon landing was fake. You can’t say people saying all this is nonsense but many of the testimonials gives a strong clue of the existence of aliens of Moon.

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Ian Stephens: Writer and editor of UFO Insight

Write and editor of UFO Insight, Ian Stephens said, “NASA has not returned to Moon because it is secretly inhabited by a sophisticated alien civilisation”

According to Ian Stephens, alien civilization has colonized the dark side of the Moon. They have rocket bases and a huge settlement there. Not only this, they even monitor life on Earth.

Stephen said, “NASA has decided that the best way to deal with this is to deny its existence”

Donna Hare: Former NASA employee

Even Donna Hare a former staff in NASA confirmed this testimony of Ian Stephens. In early 1970’s she worked on photo lab department of NASA. Hare revealed that one of the high-ranking officers once shared top-secret information with her. This officer told Hare that one of the astronauts from one of the Moon landing was encountered by 3 UFO’s.

Karl Wolfe: Former employee at NASA Lunar Orbiter project

Another former employee, Karl Wolfe also adds to the existence of aliens on Moon. He claims that during working on the NASA Lunar Orbiter project he discovered photographic evidence of alien bases. Wolfe says when he looked at the image he saw some mushroom shaped building and tower built by aliens. He showed all this to his higher authority and they said to hide it from the public.

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Could Money Be A Problem?
If Apollo mission was launched today it would have cost $120 billion to the United States. So this could be another reason. NASA federal budget for 2017 is just $19 billion. It is just financially impossible for NASA to fund another mission to the Moon. Rather they have chosen deep space exploration by sending artificial spacecraft like Odyssey. Odyssey only cost $297 million.

Director of NASA’s Exploration System Mission Directorate Office, John Olson said, “Visiting other planet is no longer about flags and footsteps”

This shows that Apollo Mission was only funded because of the “Space Race” with the Soviet Union. Cold War was also the possible reason for the both states competing for the better space technology. So this was basically a political incentive for a Moon landing. The situation is not the same today. There is no war of supremacy between United States, Russia, and China.

What NASA Says?
NASA has never shown any signs of either aliens or financial problem. NASA says this is Global Exploration. All the country should make effort in setting the goals and purpose of deep exploration of Moon. International Space station is the combined effort of many countries. While NASA also says there is no urgency of returning to Moon.

This is not true that there is no need of Moon exploration. There are still thousands of scientific questions that require Moon exploration to get answered. Not only other scientists but NASA also has many questions unanswered. NASA published document R-277 which contained 9600 mysterious phenomena happening on Moon. Many of these are still unanswered. This document somewhat indicates that NASA has an idea of aliens on Moon. Maybe NASA doesn’t want to show them as they will create a sense of insecurity among us.

Nasa says that global demands on space exploration have changed today. Earlier our only goal was to take people to Moon and them return them to Earth. But today this has changed t a more broad discovery of the universe.

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We cannot say that NASA has totally sidelined the Moon Exploration rather this will take time. NASA is currently working on setting up a base on Moon. This project will be completed by 2050 and then this base will be fully operational. This base will be capable of handling many spacecrafts at a time and all our space exploration will be continued thereafter. International Space station will also help in our deep interest of universe.

If we talk about aliens, then there is no very strong proof or evidence through which we can say that NASA is hiding something. But still it may be possible we may encounter with the aliens in some of our future missions. Moreover, spacecraft like Odyssey has kept our mission going on deep space explorations. What NASA is doing is concentrating more on Mars instead of Moon. NASA’s Mars rover is still predicting the possibility of life on Mars.

All these small mission says that our small step into our solar system has not ended and we are still exploring our Universe.

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