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Leading Scientists Say Consciousness Cannot Die It Goes Back To The Universe

Two leading scientists have said that the brain of a human is a biological computer and the consciousness of a human being is a program that runs by the brain's computer. RESEARCHERS BELIEVE THEY HAVE FOUND NEW TRUTH ABOUT THE SOUL There has always been a debate about the very existence of a soul in a human being and whether or not it dies when the person dies or it is immortal. This is something that has mystified some of the greatest thinkers throughout history and it has continued to fascinate areas of science. Now researchers think they have found a new truth about the soul and it does not die, it simply goes back to the universe.

Dr Stuart Hameroff, a physicist at the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, along with Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist at the Oxford University has since 1996 been working on the Quantum Theory of Consciousness. They state that the soul of a person is in the microtubules of the brain cells. Their theory states that a human beings soul is contained within the cells of the brain in structures that are inside them called microtubules. RESEARCHERS SAY BRAIN IS A BIOLOGICAL COMPUTER The researchers think that the human brain is just a biological computer and the consciousness is run by the computer inside the brain as a program and it continues to exist even after the person has passed away. They also say that what humans think of consciousness is the result of the effects of quantum gravity that is situated in the microtubules and the process was named by the scientists as Orchestrated Objective Reduction. Their theory suggests that when a person goes into the phase that is called clinical death, the microtubules in the brain lose their quantum state, but they are able to maintain all of the information that is within them. They explained that this means that when people die the soul goes back into the universe. WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? THE QUANTUM INFORMATION DISSIPATES INTO UNIVERSE Dr. Hameroff said that when the heart of a person stops beating the blood then stops flowing around the body and this causes the microtubules to lose the quantum state. However, the quantum information that is in the microtubules does not get destroyed, instead, it dissipated and distributes into the universe. If the patient should be revived or resuscitated then the quantum information is able to enter back into the patient's microtubules. However, if the patient is not revived then the quantum information is outside of the body and it may be that it will go on indefinitely as the soul. MICHIO KAKU ON LIFE AFTER DEATH

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