Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World: 'Earth Has Shifted' -

Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World: 'Earth Has Shifted'

The Inuit elders have given a startling warning to NASA and the rest of the world about the global climate change. The Inuit’s have said that the change in the climate has not come about due to global warming but due to the earth shifting. INUIT ELDERS BELIEVE EARTH MAY HAVE TILTED OR WOBBLED The elders say that the Earth has shifted or wobbled and this has caused the sky to change.

The Inuit’s are people who live locally in the Arctic regions around Canada, the US, and Greenland and they are known for having superb weather forecasting skills that have been passed down by their ancestors. The elders of the Inuit’s are at the moment giving a warning to NASA saying that the global changes to the weather along with the earthquakes that have been hitting regions have not come about as the result of global warming as the world has been led to believe. They have said that the sun has started to rise in a different position to what it used to do. They also believe that they have longer hours of daylight in which to do their hunting and claim that the sun is now higher in the sky and it warms up more quickly than it used to do. INUIT’S SAYS THEY HAVE MORE DAYLIGHT AND SUN HAS MOVED POSITION Other Inuit elders in the north have also said the same thing during an interview and claim that the sky has changed. In a video the Inuit’s claim that they like to go out onto the ice early in the morning so that they could be in place when daylight started to arrive so they could catch the seals. They went on to say that they would have only an hour of daylight in which to do their hunting. They said that now this has changed and they have two hours of daylight in which they can do their shooting. Ludy Pydluk from Resolute Bay said that the time change is very noticeable and that the daylight is higher on the horizon than it used to be. He said that he does not know everything, but he does know that there have been changes in the atmosphere. Pydluk went on to say that he lived his whole life there and during this time he has watched the sun many times and the sunrise has not changed a lot but sunset has, and it now sets a long way over from where it used to. Pydluk said that he thought that perhaps the Earth had tilted on its axis. Inookie Adamie also talked about the changes and said that he had wanted to talk about them for a long time, along with the changes to the environment. Elijah Nowdlak also thinks that the Earth may have tilted, but he said that he does not know exactly what has happened. He said that all he knew was that the sun used to set very close to the highest mountain peak but now after the changes the sun sets past that highest peak. STAR CONSTELLATIONS HAVE CHANGED POSITION It was also said during the interview that the sun is now higher in the sky than it was before and that the sun rays now hit more directly. Jaipitty Palluq said that this is making the Earth warmer than it used to be. He pointed out that the number of tongue drifts had declined and the Inuit’s use them as markers for travel. They are generally made by the north wind, but this has changed too he said. He said that he had learned how to observe the ground if the stars were not present in the sky and used this to travel around. He also said that the stars were different and he noticed that when using them at night to travel around and found they were no longer in the positions they used to be in. So the Inuits firmly believe that the world has changed in regards to the land, the sky and the environment and they do not think global warming is to blame but the Earth tilting. WILD ANOMALIES SPOTTED ON OCT 15, 2017

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