Us Rapper Bob Is Raising Funds To Prove Flat Earth Theory -

Us Rapper Bob Is Raising Funds To Prove Flat Earth Theory

Rapper from the US raising $200,000 to prove Earth is not round. Anyone thinking that the shape of the Earth was established centuries ago might want to think again as a rapper from the United States is trying to raise $200,000 to prove that it is not round. RAPPER BELIEVES EARTH IS SHAPED LIKE A DISC A rapper who goes by the name of BoB follows the theory that the earth is flat, well not actually flat, as he thinks that it is shaped like a disc. He is now trying to generate funds so that he can send satellites up into the orbit of Earth and he is doing this through the GoFundMe site. BoB is from Georgia in the US, and he said that he was starting the fundraising so that he can send out many satellites into space as far as he can to find the curve of the earth.

The rapper was born Bobby Ray Simmons, and in four days he has managed to raise $1,700, but out of this sum, $1,000 came out of his own pocket. He is also a member of the Flat Earth Society, which is a forum for freethinkers to talk about alternative science along with the unusual ways of viewing the world. One of the users of the forum, Ben Kelly, donated a sum of $5 and he encouraged people to prove that the government has been lying and that it was time in an era of artificial intelligence that has been manufactured for it to end and new enlightenment to start. NOT EVERYONE AGREES EARTH IS FLAT Bjorn Pius is also a member of the society, and he managed to donate $10. However, he did so for other reasons. He said that he was donating to the project so that he would have the satisfaction of the rapper and the group humiliate themselves. Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist from the US, and he wants to debunk the theory of a flat earth. It was said that he put a challenge up to the rapper through Twitter last year.
On Twitter BoB had posted a photograph of him against a skyline and then asked his followers why he was not able to see a curve of the Earth in the photograph. He pointed out that the cities in the photograph background were 16 miles and then he asked where the curve was. Tyson was quick off the mark to give the rapper a lesson in physics. He said that the curve of the Earth blocks 150 foot of Manhattan, but the majority of the buildings in Midtown Manhattan were a lot taller. BoB is just one of the latest celebrities in the US that have joined the group of people who believe that the earth is not round. Kyrie Irving and Shaquille O`Neal also left themselves open to ridicule last year when they both insisted that the Earth was flat.

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