Bible Prophecy Predicts 'The Rapture' On September 23, 2017 -

Bible Prophecy Predicts 'The Rapture' On September 23, 2017

Conspiracy theorists have been predicting that Planet X is going to destroy Earth when it collides with it. The rapture is coming and people have taken to YouTube to reveal that the astrological constellation is taking place on September 23 and it matches the Revelation 12: 1-2, which is the second coming of Christ. REVELATION 12: 1-2 WILL COME TRUE
In Revelation 12: 1-2 it says that a great sign is going to appear in heaven and a woman will be clothed with the sun and she will have the moon underneath her feet and wear a crown of 12 stars on her head. It goes on to say that the woman is pregnant and having birth pains and crying out with the pain of giving birth. Conspiracy theorists have said that the women talked about is Virgo and the sun and moon are going to be in Virgo on September 23, along with Jupiter, which they claim represents the Messiah. This is something that that takes place every 12 years, however, due to another alignment of the planets, which is said to represent “the Lion of the tribe Judah”, this is going to be an event that is unprecedented that is foretold in the scripture.

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