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Tesla’s New Solar Roof Is Actually Cheaper Than A Normal Roof

Good news for those who have been eyeing Tesla’s new Solar Roof – the company just announced pricing for its photovoltaic tiles, and they come in at just $21.85 per square foot. That’s nearly 20 percent cheaper than a normal roof once you factor in the energy savings and tax credits.
Tesla’s sought-after Solar Roof tiles are made of glass layered over a photovoltaic substrate, and they serve as a replacement for traditional roofing materials. This ensures they look like the “real thing” from the ground – even though they accomplish much more than a standard roof.
So far, Tesla has two styles available for pre-order: a textured black glass tile and a smooth grey tile. The tuscan and slate tiles will be available for installation in early 2018. According to the company, installing a Solar Roof takes between five and seven days – and Tesla manages the entire process itself.

The fact that the Solar Roof tiles are so economical is applaudable, considering that Consumer Reports predicted back in November that the tiles would need to cost under $24.50 per square foot to compete with traditional roofing materials. Tesla accomplished this — and went one step further. Now, the company is offering an infinite warranty for the tiles. “We offer the best warranty in the industry—the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first,” a Tesla representative told Inverse. Consumer Reports based their cost numbers assuming 30 years worth of electricity savings. They didn’t factor in local or government rebates or incentives, so the deal gets even sweeter when you add those in.
An additional benefit of the Tesla Solar Roof is that it is touted to be stronger than a traditional roof. In areas where thunderstorms and high winds are rampant, a sturdier abode makes all the difference.Fortunate consumers who purchase the Solar Roof will also receive the forthcoming Powerwall 2.0, which is a battery storage device with a built-in inverter. It connects to your home’s electrical system, enabling a house to go 100 percent off-the-grid. Though it costs an extra $6,500, the long-term savings are estimated to add up to thousands of dollars.


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