Rectangular 'UFO' Recorded In The Sky Over Jinan, China -

Rectangular 'UFO' Recorded In The Sky Over Jinan, China

In recent weeks there have been an significant number of supernatural events in China. So far, there was a "floating city" incident in which onlookers described seeing the shapes of buildings in the clouds briefly before they vanished, and then only a few days ago, a mysterious dark UFO shape appeared in the clouds over a beach. This object was caught on both video and photos.
Some have interpreted these strange events as omens. However, on August 13, bizarre footage was posted online showing a rectangular UFO hovering in the sky in the Chinese city of Jinan. The residents in the area who witnessed the event seemed to be totally baffled by what it could have been. The video shows the unidentified rectangular object remaining stationary in the night sky for a short period of time before fading, almost as if it flew higher. Several people have speculated that the lighter outline of the object might have been due to some sort of light coming from within.
Several people shared footage of the object on the Chinese social media site Weibo. Of course, internet access in China is limited, so it is possible that even more footage exists and is simply inaccessible at this time. People have described the object as resembling a mobile phone, while others have speculated it may be a flying magic carpet. On the other hand, skeptics and officials have said that it is just a projection onto the clouds. Here are what several users had to say (translated):

"It looks like a mobile phone!" one user said.

"The door of heaven is open, "another added.

"Above is a flying carpet." a third replied

"There is an unidentified flying object appearing in the sky. Its oval shape is expanding and it is coming towards us closer and closer, "one onlooker said in a video.
According to official reports, approved by the Chinese government, the mysterious light is nothing but a spotlight projection. However, that was certainly not what the eyewitnesses on the ground believed at the time. Of course, with how much the Chinese government limits social media access, it is hard to get access to sources, and many would not come forward due to fears of retribution. Whatever is going on, it seems that the Chinese government is determined to keep it under wraps.

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