Man Who Sent NASA Maps Into Deep Space Fears This Decision Could Prove To Be Disastrous -

Man Who Sent NASA Maps Into Deep Space Fears This Decision Could Prove To Be Disastrous

Four maps were sent into deep space, and now the person responsible for sending the maps fears that the action might have been a mistake if they should fall into the wrong hands. SENDING MAPS INTO SPACE COULD PROVE A DISASTER FOR EARTH During the very early days of exploring space, things were more optimistic and people thought that it might be a good idea to give aliens a chart that told them how they could find planet Earth. However, in hindsight, they now agree that this move could prove to bring disastrous consequences. Astronomer Francis Drake is famous for alien hunting and he worked alongside NASA to design four maps that were then put inside Voyager 1 and 2 along with Pioneer 10 and 11 probes. The spaceships are all now in deep space as they have left the solar system. BASIC MAP WITH DRAWINGS OF MAN AND WOMEN SENT INTO SPACE A plaque was put onto the Pioneer spacecraft and this showed drawings of a woman and man and a basic map that plots Earths position when it is compared to distant pulsar stars. 
These stars are very bright and they last a long time, which means that essentially the maps and stars could be what guides aliens to Earth, even if they are found millions of years into the future. The Voyager craft was fitted with what have been described as golden records. These may be played and they offer up images from Earth, along with natural sounds. There is an almost identical pulsar map engraved onto the front of the records. PEOPLE USED TO THINK ALIENS WOULD BE FRIENDLY TO HUMANS Frank Drake is now having second thoughts about what may be maps that aliens may be able to use to locate Earth and pay a visit. He said that he now believes that the maps may not have been such a good idea to send into space. He went on to say that back in the early days of space exploration, people were optimists and they were of the belief that extra-terrestrials would be friendly. Drake said that no one thought about the fact of whether it was wise or even dangerous to send maps that could guide aliens to our planet. The article was written by the daughter of Drake, Nadia, she asked if the actions of sending the maps into deep space might one day be seen as foolish or even dangerous. She wondered if essentially her father might have broadcast the details of how to reach Earth to aliens who were aggressive. SCIENTISTS NOW BELIEVE ALIENS COULD COME TO COLONIZE EARTH There are now many scientists who are of the belief that contacting aliens is a very bad idea and one of them is Professor Stephen Hawking. He said that perhaps meeting what might be an advanced civilization could be along the same lines as Native Americans coming to Columbus. He said that the meeting did not turn out as expected and said that alien life might consist of marauders that roam the skies looking for resources to plunder, along with finding planets that they are able to conquer and colonize. So with this in mind perhaps sending out an open invitation by way of a map may not have been the wisest thing to do.

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