Killer-Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth On September 1 -

Killer-Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth On September 1

NASA has revealed that one of the biggest asteroids is going to fly close to Earth at a distance estimated to be 7 million kilometers on September 1. THE NEXT TIME ASTEROID FLORENCE COMES CLOSE TO EARTH WILL BE IN THE YEAR 2500 NASA said that the next time that asteroid Florence, around 4.4 kilometers is going to be coming so close to Earth is after the year 2500. This is why the asteroid is causing so much excitement among scientists who want to keep a check on the huge celestial body on the fly by that is approaching in September. Scientists are now getting radars that prepared so that they will be able to study asteroid Florence close. Some people may be wondering why astronomers and scientists are getting so hyped about the flyby of Florence.
 Bear in mind that asteroid 2012 TC4 is going to be coming very close to Earth at around 44,000 km on 12 October. Scientists from NASA have clarified the reason by saying that it is not just the distance but the difference in size between the two asteroids that make the flyby as exciting as it is. ASTEROID FLORENCE IS LARGEST ASTEROID TO PASS EARTH SINCE NASA PROGRAM STARTED Paul Chodas, the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies manager for NASA, said that many asteroids have gone passed Earth much closer to Earth than what Florence is going to do on September 1, every one of them has been or will be smaller. Asteroid Florence is going to be the largest to go past the planet since the NASA program started detecting and tracking asteroids close to Earth. Asteroid 2012 TC4 is going to be able to be seen with the naked eye thanks to the close proximity to Earth when it passes by. People will be able to see asteroid Florence make its way past with a small telescope, despite the fact that it is millions of kilometers away, due to the fact that it is so big. AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS WILL BE ABLE TO SEE ASTEROID FLORENCE DUE TO ITS BRIGHTNESS Rudiger Jehn, the Near Earth Object segment co-manager said of the European Space Agency, said that the asteroid has a visible magnitude of 9 and this is very bright, so amateur astronomers are going to be able to pick it up using a small telescope. Anyone who wants to see asteroid Florence will be able to find it along the constellations, Aquarius, Piscis Austrinus, Capricornus and Delphinus, between 29 August and 8 September. ASTEROID FLORENCE NAMED AFTER FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE The asteroid Florence was first found by Schelte Bus in 1981, an astronomer from America. He had been in Australia at the time working at the Siding Spring Observatory. The asteroid was given the name Florence after Florence Nightingale, and it was said to be a near Earth object that was potentially hazardous. It was said that it may or may not be one-half of a binary system. The flyby of asteroid Florence on 1 September is going to help scientists to be able to find out if it has a satellite and they can also find out more about the binary system.

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