This 94-Year-Old Scientist Could Save The Entire Planet -

This 94-Year-Old Scientist Could Save The Entire Planet

It would seem that here in the United States we should listen more to our senior citizens, especially one in particular. John Goodenough is a 94-year-old man who could very well have figured out a way to save planet earth. He has come up with a form of energy saving technology that could be quite beneficial to man kind. CAN 94 YEAR-OLD SCIENTIST SAVE EARTH? Goodenough along with a group of scientists and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin created a battery that could make all other types of batteries obsolete. This battery is made out of glass; this one could save up to three times more energy than any battery now in use. 
Another goal of this new type of battery technology is to start to revolutionize the electronic automobile. This will enable cars to function without the use of oil and gasoline, the two leading cause of carbon monoxide gas in the air we breathed. This could be years if not decades down the road but if the new type of battery works as Goodenough and his team claim it could be fact in the future that fuels such as oil and gas are no longer needed to operate a vehicle. This certainly isn't the first time that Goodenough has revolutionized the battery market. He also created the lithium-ion battery while working for Sony. The battery was rechargeable and of course took high-tech devices to the next level. We now use this type of battery in our laptops, our smartphones, and other devices. However, despite its universal use, there were drawbacks to the lithium-ion battery as well. There have been reported cases of the device causing the devices bursting into flames. So, there is drawback to the lithium-ion battery, and the question is will there be with this one. So far, Goodenough has been testing the new battery technology to ensure that all safety protocols are met. The problem though is Goodenough's age. Despite being a brilliant man with much accomplishments to his credit, there are those who don't wish to listen to an elderly inventor. Unfortunately, it is those who have most of the money for financial backing in the Silicon Valley where many leading tech companies are. But this won't stop Goodenough from fulfilling his goal. He wanted for decades to get America out of being dependent on oil and this new battery technology takes him one step closer to that dream. In the mean time maybe it's time for the rest of us to think about the way we perceive those who are considered beyond their prime. Perhaps they have a whole lot more to teach us than we thought. They could have a whole lot more valuable information to share with the world.

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