Scientists Suggest That higher Alien Life Could Be Billion Years Old, With skill Beyond Matter" -

Scientists Suggest That higher Alien Life Could Be Billion Years Old, With skill Beyond Matter"

The astro-biologist Paul Davies of Arizona State write in The Eerie Silence “I believe that biological intelligence is a short-lived phenomenon. If we ever face artificial intelligence, I consider it is post-biological in nature”. Sir Martin Rees of Cambridge University have asked Paul Davies that if we were to encounter alien technology that is far greater to our own, would we even realize what it was. A skill that is million or more years in advance of our, would be unaccountable.Davies suggests in Eerie Silence, that advanced technology might not be complete up of matter, it might have no fixed shape or size and no distinct boundaries. It might consist of separate things but rather it is a system of higher-level linkage of things.
Davies asks “Are there matter and in order?” Davies writes “Five hundred years ago, the concept of a device that operates information or software, would have been unintelligible. There might be a higher-level, outside all human experiences, that organizes electrons? If so, this “third level” won’t be clear through observations made at the in order level or at the matter level. We should keep this possibility in mind that the billion years old advanced alien technology may manipulate at the third or fourth or may be at the fifth level. All of which are completely incomprehensible to humans at current position.
Susan Schneider of the University of Pennsylvania agrees with this. She is one of the few people who considered the insight that the artificial intelligence is out there for eons.    
In her fresh study “Alien Minds”, she asks “How would aliens think?  Would they have conscious experiences?” We know that, we are not alone in the universe and an contact with an alien civilization could create certain advancements in technology.

Schneider says “I don’t believe that the most higher alien civilization will be biological. The majority modern alien civilization will be post-biological.”
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program have been searching for biological existence. Our civilization has depicted aliens as humanoid creatures with immense eyes, pointy chins and huge heads and brains with larger size than ours.
Schneider presents three observations that hold up her point of view about the existence of super intelligent alien civilizations.
The first is “The short window observation”. Once a civilization creates a technology that could put them in contact with the cosmos, they are a few hundred years away from altering their biological survival to the post-biological existence.
Schneider’s second observation is “The greater age of alien civilizations”. SETI have often concluded that alien civilizations would be much older than our possess, may be 1.7 billion years to 8 billion years older. If civilizations are millions or billions of years older, many would be wonderful intelligent. We are then galactic babies. Would they be the form of artificial intelligence or super cleverness? Schneider says “Yes, if they were biological (having biological brain enhancements), their super intelligence would be reached by artificial intellect, called Artificial Intelligence”.
But she suspects amazing stronger than this, that they will not be carbon-based. Non-carbon based existence allows a being to be immortal and to survive under a digit of setting while carbon-based life cannot.

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  1. “The short window observation” is a flawed hypothesis as it assumes a technological growth rate similar to ours. The other big flaw with this and other articles on alien intelligences is that the authors forget the operative part of that subject is "ALIEN", we have no more grasp of their thought process or motives/resoning than we do of those of Dolphins (and those evolved on the same planet we did). Just because humans are driven to expand and advance it does not follow that another intelligence would be, what may seem inevitable for us (evolving to a non-biological state) may be unimaginable or even impossible for them. The only thing we can be certain of is that aliens will NOT possess human logic, motivations or ethics but rather their own, it's possible they may not even recognize us as truly intelligent but as merely clever animals much as we view ravens or chimpanzees.


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