Today in Science Alerts : Earth From the Moon -

Today in Science Alerts : Earth From the Moon

This is the centenary of an historic photo, the 1st  view of Earth from the moon, taken by Lunar Orbiter 1. The picture was shot from a space of about 236,000 miles (380,000 km) and shows half of Earth, from Istanbul to Cape Town and areas east, shrouded in Lunar Orbiter 1 was one of 5-Lunar Orbiters sent to the moon in the 1960s by NASA. This exacting Lunar Orbiter’s mission was primarily to take photographs, in preparation for the manned Apollo mission presently three years later. Read about the Lunar Orbiter missions, 1966-1967
 Though the photo exposed no detail on Earth’s surface when it was taken in 1966, those on Earth who saw this photo have to have been stunned by it.
In 2008, NASA released a newly restored version of the original 1966 image of Earth. Using refurbished machinery and modern digital technology, NASA produced the image at a much higher resolution than was likely when it was originally taken.
Today in Science Alerts : Earth From the Moon
You’ll see the restore image below.First image of Earth from moon, taken via Lunar Orbiter 1 on August 23, 1966, restored in 2008 by NASA, using photographic techniques that were not obtainable when that early spacecraft at first acquired this historic photo. Read more about this photo from NASA.

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