Watch Astronomers presently found a Morse code message in the dunes of Mars -

Watch Astronomers presently found a Morse code message in the dunes of Mars

NASA has spotted a sequence of strange, dark dunes on Mars that look uncannily similar to the dots and dashes that create up Morse code.
This isn't the 1st time researchers have spotted this pattern in the sands of Mars, but credit to its unique topography, this dune field - presently south of the planet's north pole - shows them in clearer point than usual, allowing scientists to interpret the message for the first time.
To be clear, this message is of course formed - just like the dunes here on Earth, the dots and dashes of the dunes were carved out by the way of the wind. There's no spooky alien stuff at play here, assure.
As a press release from NASA explain, what makes the patterns in this dune so prominent is the information that it's found within a natural circular despair, which means there's a limited quantity of sand available to be pushed about by the local winds.
The long 'dashes' are shaped by bi-directional winds, which income wind that's travelling at right angles to the dune.
The Martian 'dots' are formally known as 'barchanoid dunes', and are a little extra mysterious.
Geophysicists consider they're formed when something interrupt the manufacture of the linear dunes - but NASA still isn't fairly sure what that is, and figuring it out is part of the basis they were photographing the area.
These images were in use by the High Resolution Imaging Science test (HiRISE) camera, which is on panel the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been photographing the Red Planet for the past decade.
With more scrutiny, geophysicists are hoping that they'll be able to shape out more about how the dunes on the outside of Mars form, and what that can tell us concerning the potential habitability of the planet.
But while they're figure that out, NASA planetary scientist Veronica Bray translate the Morse code message for Maddie Stone over at Gizmodo.
So what do the sand of Mars have to tell us? According to Bray:
It's very bottomless stuff - and not intended as anything additional than a bit of geophysial fun.
Watch Astronomers presently found a Morse code message in the dunes of Mars
But interpretation the sands of Mars might one day help us improved understand life on the surface of our potential prospect outpost, so it's worth paying notice.

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