The Universe is-Expanding Faster Than the Laws of Physics Can give details, New Measurements Reveal -

The Universe is-Expanding Faster Than the Laws of Physics Can give details, New Measurements Reveal

Physicists in the US presently made the most precise measurement ever made of the present rate of growth of the Universe, but there is a problem: our Universe is expanding 8 percent quicker than our present laws of physics can give details. Currently astronomers are looking over once more at their measurements and if turn out to be right, this latest measurement will automatically force us to redefine how dark substance and dark energy have been manipulating the evolution of the Universe for the past 13.8 billion years, and that can’t be done without changing or addition something in the typical model of particle Physics.
According to the present model of cosmology, the major influence on the growth of the Universe is the rivalry between dark substance and dark energy. While the gravitational pull of dark matter seem to be slowing down the growth of the Cosmos, dark energy appear to be pulling it in the opposite way to create it accelerate. Astrophysicists learned this with the help of the radiation left over from the large Bang, which we can now sense as the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB.
Now Adam Riess from Johns Hopkins University and his connections have found a different way to measure the rate of growth of the universe - the brightness of exact kinds of celestial objects, such as stars and supernovae, called normal candles'.
Standard candles are supposed to release the precise similar level of brightness, which means physicists can use them as signs to compute how fast the Universe is increasing away from us.
Riess’s team analyzed 18 normal candles by examining hundreds of hours of data from the Hubble Space Telescope, and intended that the speed of expansion of the Universe is roughly 8 percent faster than the Planck’s measurements anticipated.
Kelly Dickerson from explains “If this latest measurement is accurate - and our maps of the CMB are also accurate - then amazing about our fundamental understanding of the Universe is wrong,"
The study, which have been sent to pre-print website and is currently beneath review, have the possible of "becoming transformational in cosmology", cosmologist Kevork Abazajian from the University of California, told Nature.
So all we have to do is to sit tight and wait for results to be separately confirmed or disproven, but the Universe is always challenging our present laws of physics. From my point of view, one thing’s attractive certain - it’s an exciting point in time to be a physicist.
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  1. There is an alternate explanation for the Supernova 1A observations which have been used to provide the accelerating universe theory. This new explanation disputes the accelerating universe and dark energy, and provides a much simpler explanation which does not require acceleration or dark energy. See


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