NASA Revealed Alarming Truth About Alien Life Video on Mars -

NASA Revealed Alarming Truth About Alien Life Video on Mars

NASA has been in fact busy on Mars lately. In the previous couple of years our total views about Mars changed radically: from a empty planet believed to be dry and dead, today we see Mars as the next top thing close to Earth. Abrubtly, all and sundry loves Mars, and everybody is talking about the red planet. But what do NASA researchers say about the red planet?
 There is water… liquid water on Mars!
Not extended ago, NASA researchers at previous confessed that the red planet had real rivers of flowing water on its outside. According to Lujdendra Ojha, planetary researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology who completed the finding using pictures from NASA’s MRO, the red planet has liquid water on the surface. This ruling changed everything we thought about the red planet. And all of a unexpected the likelihood of Alien life anywhere on the red planet is not that far away.
“Mars is not the dry, arid planet that we supposed of in the past … [and] liquid water has been discovered on Mars.” – James Green, NASA manager of planetary sciences
Yes it is very probable that somewhere on Mars, there is extraterrestrial life - All options are open.
“The likelihood of life in the interior of Mars has forever been very high. There’s certainly water somewhere in the coating of Mars … It’s very likely, I think, that there is life anywhere in the crust of Mars.” – Alfred McEwen, Principal Investigator, HiRISE, University of Arizona (30:25)
There are thousands that think that Mars is really an inhabited planet today. Many people consider that even though life as we know it would discover it almost improbable to survive on the surface of Mars, perhaps somehow somewhere on the red planet, life situated under the harsh soil of Mars could have survived.
The mere detail that researchers proclaimed there is liquid water on Mars create everyone think about little green Martian people walking about. Even though that might not be the case… precisely… it’s likely and not improbable that microorganisms can live on Mars.
“There were never any multi-celled life forms, animals or plants. The myths of canal on Mars will forever remain that.” Added Mr. Dartnell.
NASA Revealed Alarming Truth About Alien Life Video  on Mars
A Huge Ocean enclosed one-fifth of the red planet’s surface
In addition to the information that scientists have now exposed liquid water graceful on the surface of the red planet, not extended ago, specialists found that in the far-away past, the red planet was not as Red as it is today. According to researchers, a huge primitive ocean enclosed one-fifth of the red planet’s outside. Mars was warm, wet and ideal for Alien life to expand. This ancient ocean on Mars was a mile deep I sure points of the planet holding over 2p million kilometers of water, extra than is present the Arctic Ocean.
We now know Mars was wet for a much longer time than we thought previous to,” said Mumma. NASA’s Curiosity rover has at their shown that Mars had standing water for 1.5 billion years, longer than it took for life to emerge on Earth. “Now we observe that Mars must have been wet for a age even longer,” Mumma added.

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  1. When Mars had water it was hot from creation the atmosphere was 180 degrees then its core solidified.Its atmosphere took less than a years to blow away and expose the surface to space and extreme cold. Any life on the surface would be freeze dried for 3.5 billion years. Seven landers did not find any fossil life at any landing site.


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