Watch The 2 Most Dangerous Numbers in the space Video might Signal the End of Physics -

Watch The 2 Most Dangerous Numbers in the space Video might Signal the End of Physics

An really troubling and controversial line of thoughts has arose in the physics community. It’s the notion that we are getting earlier the absolute limit of what we can comprehend about the world around us from side to side science. A particle physicist, Harry Cliff, CERN said during a latest TED talk in Geneva, Switzerland “The after that few years may tell us whether we’ll be able to continue to add to our understanding of natural world or whether maybe, for the first time in the record of science, we could be facing questions that we cannot reply” Just as frightening is the cause for this imminent limit, which according to Cliff is: "since the laws of physics forbid it."
 First Dangerous figure “The strength of the Higgs field”: According to Cliff,the first dangerous figure is a value that signifies the authority of what physicists call the Higgs pasture, an unseen energy field not completely different other magnetic fields that permeate the cosmos. As particles plunge through the Higgs field, they get mass to ultimately turn out to be the protons, neutrons, or covering all of the atoms that make everything approximately us. Without Higgs field it, we wouldn’t be here.
There is no doubt about the existence of Higgs field. And there’s something about the Higgs field that remains unresolvable and continue to worry physicists like Cliff.
According to universal relativity and the theory of quantum, the Higgs field should be transport out one of two tasks, says Cliff. Either it should be twisted off or turned on. If turned off, it should have a strength value of zero and mechanically giving no mass to particles. If turned on, as the theory goes, this 'on value' is "completely enormous. But what physicists observe back in 2012 does not match with neither of those 2 scenarios.
As Cliff says "In reality, the Higgs field is just slightly on. It’s not zero, but it’s ten thousand trillion times weaker than its completely on value - a bit like a light switch that got stuck presently before the 'off' position. And this value is crucial. If it were a tiny bit dissimilar, then there would be no physical structure in the Universe."
There is still no explanation about why the power of the Higgs field is so extremely weak, Physicists hope to find some optimistic results from newly-upgraded particle accelerator at CERN. As for now, they’re still hunting.
 On the good quality side, we’re quite lucky that dark energy is lesser than theorists predict. If it followed our theoretical concepts, then the disgusting force of dark energy would be so enormous that it would factually rip our Universe apart. The essential forces that keep atoms together would be completely ineffective next to it and galaxies, stars, planets, and life as we know it would not exist.
The 2 Most Dangerous Numbers in the space Video might Signal the End of Physics
Physicists can’t use the theories of the Universe to pbtain a better measurement of dark energy that settles with present observations. Even better than civilizing our concepts would be to discover a way that we can appreciate why the power of dark energy and the Higgs field is what it is.

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