NASA's Video Epic Reveals Surface of An Alien Earth

The European Space Agency’s Huygen spaceship is an astonishing bit of skill. It left our little planet and landed on another world back in 2005, roughly 10 years ago. Its target was Titan, one of Saturn’s several moons. At the time of its look, it had the prominent difference of life form the spacecraft that voyaged the farthest from Earth and efficiently landed on another body, plus it was also the opening time ever a probe touched down on an thing in our outer Solar System region.

 And strangely, we learned that, if you touch the exterior, you sank quite a bit. Erich Karkoschka, a co-author of a research document published in October 2012, explain “It is like snow that has been frozen on top. If you walk cautiously, you can walk as on a solid surface, but if you pace on the snow a little too hard; you split in very-deeply,”
NASA's  Video Epic Reveals Surface of An Alien Earth

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