NASA Discover Video ‘Gates of Heaven’ on the Sun -

NASA Discover Video ‘Gates of Heaven’ on the Sun

A hypnotizing video released by NASA shows stunning imagery of a plasma full from the Sun. The solar flare was so sturdy that it caused radio blackouts all across the earth. Did the space agency presently stumble upon the gates of Heaven?
NASA and the sun have been doing some grave bonding over the previous couple days. This close-knit relationship shaped some amazing results yesterday as the agency caught a roaring hot flare of plasma escaping from the wrath of the Sun’s gravitational pull. The flare then burst into remote space and the whole event was caught on NASA’s Solar Dynamics-Observatory.
 Apparently, the flare was so great that it caused radio blackouts across Earth. That still didn’t help avert trash like Taylor Swift from bleeding through the airwaves, though. Musical opinions aside, the solar flare discovery was presently the beginning of discovery something more.
Sunspot May Be Astral Portals
The flare that NASA spotted came from an area they called lively Region 2529. The region had a huge, dark sunspot which seemed to alter shape and size. The size this spot was so massive that one could fit five Earth’s inside of it. NASA believes that understanding what drives performance like this could help understand the Sun’s attractive system and future space exploration. As beautiful as this solar flare was, it can the majority a major threat to communications. The flare at large a huge wave of charged particles into space. If that ever comes our way, it has the control to generate a huge total of electromagnetic activity that could wipe out control grids for months. That sounds like extra of a product of Hell than Heaven.
NASA Discover Video ‘Gates of Heaven’ on the Sun
The Gates of Heaven
Surely you keep in mind everyone’s favorite 1978 documentary Gates of Heaven. The instant classic by Errol Morris focuses on the pet cemetery business and capture the hearts of millions. Well, hate to break it to your Errol, but the Gates of Heaven are not in a pet cemetery. Odds are, the Gates of Heaven will be nowhere on Earth. It could extremely well exist on the sun. Probably not, though, since that would be ridiculous. Or would it?

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