Latest News A 15year-old might have presently discovered a lost Maya city Video in the Mexican jungle

William Gadoury, a 15-year-old school student from Quebec, Canada, has found something that’s been hidden from archaeologists for centuries - what appears to be a lost city of the Maya civilisation, buried deep in the Yucatan jungle of southeastern Mexico.
He didn’t do it by hiring a bunch of expensive equipment, hopping on a plane, and slaving away on an excavation site - he discovered the incredible ruins from the comfort of his own home, by figuring out that the ancient cities were built in alignment with the stars above.
This story has been updated below.
"I did not understand why the Maya built their cities away from rivers, on marginal lands and in the mountains," Gadoury told French-Canadian magazine, Journal de Montréal. "They had to have another reason, and as they worshiped the stars, the idea came to me to verify my hypothesis. I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities."
ll he needed to do was access satellite imagery of the area from the Canadian Space Agency, which he mapped onto Google Earth images to see if there were any signs of his lost city.
A 15year-old might have presently discovered a lost Maya city Video in the Mexican jungle
Further analyses from satellites belonging to NASA and the Japanese Space Agency revealed what looks like a pyramid and 30 buildings at the location mapped by the star, Yucatan Expat Life reports. 
No word yet on what this means for Armand LaRocque's planned expedition to the site, but things aren't looking good for Gadoury's science fair entry at this stage. But Braswell has praised his curiosity, and told The Washinton Post he hopes he ends up at his university to study.

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