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Did Aliens Sending Messages Through the Black Hole?

Aliens, black hole, and quick radio bursts? Space is filled with a lot of wonders and unanswered questions. Just scientists have been working towards the reply of what causes fast radio bursts, and with the finding of FRB 150418 they thought they were getting close. Now a year removed from that finding, it seems scientists are back to square one.
Fast radio bursts or FRB, are high-energy radio flashes that occur outside of the Milky Way. They occur randomly and only in a short bursts, so scientists never recognize when and where they will find them. Most FRBs are exposed after they occur while scientists are reviewing radio telescope archives. Once discovered an FRB is named after its date of finding. There are many things scientists still don’t know about FRBs. The main question being what causes them. There’s not a great deal evidence to go off so at this point aliens may be a valid guess.
 On April 18, 2015, the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia picked-up on an FRB as it was happening. For the first time, scientists were able to notice an FRB as it was happening, and locate its source. FRB 150418’s origin was pinpointed within a galaxy 6 billion light-years away. Scientists were able to notice FRB 150418 for 6 days before it faded away. The length in which this occurrence was tracked doesn’t match up to past FRBs which only last milliseconds. For this reason, some believe the emissions from FRB 150418, were in fact from a supermassive black hole instead.
Aliens, Black Holes, or another Phenomenon
What could have cause the radio emission known as FRB 150418? Some resolve argue aliens, while others will hold on to the black hole theory obtainable by scientist. Whatever it may be it could be a long time previous to we find what because FRBs is.
Did  Aliens Sending Messages Through the Black Hole?

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