Crew Researching How Life-Adapts to Spaceflight Video -

Crew Researching How Life-Adapts to Spaceflight Video

He crew was back at work today with extra life science studies and human research. Cygnus cargo move work is ongoing as robotics controllers prepare for an external video survey.
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Mice carry on to be observed today for the Rodent Research-3 study. The astronauts are measuring their bone density to study how microgravity affect muscles and bones and potentially helping crews in space & citizens on Earth stay healthier. Astronaut Jeff Williams scanned his leg with an ultrasound today for the long-running Sprint learn. The research is exploring latest space exercise techniques that may minimize muscle and bone loss on extended duration missions. The cosmonauts were collecting blood and saliva sample for analysis as they travel around how living in space affects the human body.
Cargo transfers are over half way total as the Cygnus commercial space freighter targets a mid-June departure from the Unity module. The Canadarm2 robotic arm will link up with the DEXTRE robotic hand tonight. Robotics controller will then conduct a video scan of the outside RapidScat system that monitors weather patterns on the Earth’s- oceans. Crew Researching How Life-Adapts to Spaceflight Video

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