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11-Year Boy with Higher Video IQ than Einstein -Hawking

AN 11-year-old schoolboy has connected Mensa after scoring senior than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein in an IQ test. Ramarni Wilfred started presentation signs of genius as a toddler, when his favourite book was an encyclopedia.
He could study and write by the time he started reception at school and previous year, at the age of 10 and still in primary school, wrote a philosophy paper on fairness that earned him a 2:1 and a mock Oxford graduation. When his reception class required to move him up a year, mum Anthea object, wanting him to produce up with other kids his age.
Prof. Hawking, Microsoft creator Gates and Einstein all have 160 IQs. Ramarni scored 162, putting him in the top 1% in the UK. Anthea, 37, said: “He’s still presently a little boy doing normal childhood stuff. While he reads the latest Scientist and the Sky at Night, he still plays with his dog, watches the Disney Channel &  reads comics.
“Mensa allows him to talk and be with extra people as clever as he is for the things that go over my head.
“He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I love his humbleness and I love having my own personal walking, talking dictionary/thesaurus/calculator!”
11-Year Boy with Higher Video IQ than Einstein -Hawking
 Ramarni, who will be opening Year 8 at secondary school next month, harbours hopes of one day studying at Oxford and flattering an astrophysicist. The modest youngster, from Romford, Essex, said: “I can’t begin to compare myself to these huge men whose hard work clearly proves that they are true geniuses.
“This is a huge opportunity and I think it can open a lot of doors for me. But I also believe that having a high IQ isn’t that important unless you do amazing really special with it.”
 Ramarni’s former teacher, Valerie Mulae, describe him as “remarkable”, adding: “He presently stood out. He shone.” Mensa’s chief executive, John Stevenage, said: “Anyone who registers an IQ score which places them in the top two per cent of the inhabitants has done remarkably well. The score Ramarni achieved therefore is very fine and shows he has huge potential.”

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