Watch This 10year-old has built a Prosthetic Arm that Shoots Glitter

Jordan Reeves, a 10-year-old from Missouri, has 3D-printed a 5-barrel prosthetic arm that shoots glitter wherever she- goes.
The prosthetic isn't the functional kind that helps her pick up substance or hold things, but was created as part of a program to inspire and empower kids with upper-limb differences with engineering.
By linking the kids with designers and engineers, the five-day program helped them create their own custom-made prosthetics with any functionality they could dream up. And for Reeves, that meant a whole lot of glitter.
"We started asking: 'Why are we trying to duplicate the functionality of a hand?' when we could really do something. Things that are way cooler that hands aren’t able to do," co-founder of non-profit KIDMob Kate Ganim, told The Guardian. They ran the program, called Superhero Cyborgs, with 3D software firm Autodesk.
Watch This 10year-old has built a Prosthetic Arm that Shoots Glitter
Reeves was born with a limb difference, which means her left arm stops presently above the elbow. following sketching up her dream arm, she created a 3D-printed cast of her arm and a plastic cuff made to well comfortably over it, so that she could test different prototypes.
She then used 3D printing software to come up with diverse designs for her glitter cannons, and went about testing them, which "was astonishing," Ganim told Fast Company. "There was glitter everywhere."
By the end of the 5 days, with the help of the engineers on hand, Reeve had managed to develop a prototype that actually shot out glitter with the pull of a string. She's called the design "plan Unicorn". You can see it in action-below:

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