These Ten Planets are Stranger Than Sci-Fi -

These Ten Planets are Stranger Than Sci-Fi

Planets are nothing but presently variously sized rocks touching around stars out there in the cosmos, right? Wrong. You've almost surely seen all those nice panning shots of bright, colorful planets in magnificent (or not so magnificent) CGI in sci fi films previous to. Numerous of them come into view just too strange to consider. And, truth be told, some are. Most likely. Some planets are stranger than even these kind of fiction. Planets outside the world (pun intended) of fiction aren't surely less weird than what writers and directors have thought up more than the years. There are planets out there that are so thick that they're on the whole huge diamonds. There
These Ten Planets are Stranger Than Sci-Fi
are others that orbit so fast that days are essentially counted in seconds, however nobody on the surface will be including them as no matter which because they're so close to their star that anything biological on the surface would rapidly vaporize.
Some Planets are tremendously far away, too, so NASA is not exactly planning a trip to any of these in, well, any of our lifetimes. So, to help bring the terrestrial creepiness a little closer, here's YouTube Thoughty2 with his account of the 10 strangest planets in universe:

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