Stunning View of Aurora-Borealis from the International Space place

Space is an extraordinary place, and right currently, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has the top chair in the house for presentation its cosmic marvels unfold. Last night, Kelly tweeted a short video to let us connect in on his unbelievable sight as he flew over a stunning Aurora Borealis from on-board the International Space position at approximately 17,000 mph. This isn't your normal photograph of the Northern Lights. The 10-second clip captures the remarkable instant right as the vibrant greens and violet swirls of light encounter the blinding white of the sunrise.
The scene, although momentary, is otherworldly and reminiscent of fantastic sci-fi appearance from the arts. It seems like something absent of a Mass Effect cut scene or the hallucinogenic trip to "The Infinite and Beyond" in 2001: A Space Odyssey. But this is no piece of creative writing: this is real life, and it's correct here close to Earth.

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