Stephen- Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg & a Russian Billionaire Reveal Their Plan To Send An Interstellar Starship to Alpha Centauri

In 2015, the hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence got a giant boost when Russian billionaire Yuri Milner revealed a $100 million attempt to probe the skies for radio and light signals released by aliens. But now Yuri Milner, Stephen hawking and Mark Zuckerberg have come up with a different plan, instead of waiting for signals from aliens, Milner now plans to construct an interstellar spacecraft. Yes, that’s true. In a combined statement at the One World Observatory in New York City today, Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking exposed Breakthrough Starshot, a 100 million dollar exploration and engineering program look for to lay the basics for an eventual interstellar voyage.
 The first step of this plan includes assembling a light-propelled “nanocrafts” that has the capability of itinerant at relativistic speeds—up to 20 percent the speed of light. At such high a speed, the robotic spacecraft would easily be able to reach our neighbor and closest star system, Alpha Centauri, presently over 20 years after launch. Milner said “For the first time in human history we can do more than presently gaze at the stars. We can actually reach them.”
Stephen- Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg &  a Russian Billionaire Reveal Their Plan To Send An Interstellar Starship to Alpha Centauri
The technology necessary for the billionaire’s motivated proposal—of which models were publicized today—comprises a “Starchip,” a gram scale wafer transporting cameras, photon thrusters, power supply, steering and communication gear.
Boosting that small science laboratory is a “Lightsail,” a meter-sized sail that’s only a few hundred atoms thick and weighs only a pair of grams. The light sail will be pushed away from the Earth by a phased array of lasers, increasing its speed up to 100,000,000 miles per hour—a thousand times earlier than the fastest spacecraft today.
Yeah we recognize this all sounds like the crazy ambitious fantasy of a starstruck billionaire and that’s, to some extent, the reality. . But according to Yuri Milner and Hawking, it’s also achievable with technology not too far off. "Lightsail" has been experienced before by Planetary Society and it works. Milner said:
 That’s why Milner and his panel of courageous would-be spacefarers are petitioning assistances from the international scientific community and the public alike. Breakthrough Starshot, Milner said, will be grounded totally on work in the public domain. Milner continued:
“Here, at One World Observatory, we are launching a collaborative terrestrial endeavor. Only by challenging ourselves can we discover out if we, like the pioneers before us, have the ability and ambition to do well.

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