If You Fall Into a Black Hole, There's Just One Way to Survive

If any spacecraft falls in some black hole, it will be torn apart due to the intense gravitational pull of black hole, this is the majority accepted notion about them. As we know, black hole is the place where the laws of physics don’t work.  New research suggests that you might be able to survive in a spinning black hole
 A group of researchers designed the first-ever computer model of a quickly spinning black hole called a Kerr black hole. Lior Burko, one of the researcher concerned in this study, said "It has often been supposed that objects approaching a black hole are crumpled by the rising gravity. Though we found that while gravitational forces upsurge and become never-ending, they do so fast enough that their interaction allow physical objects to remain undamaged as they move toward the middle of the black hole.”
If You Fall Into a Black Hole, There's Just One Way to Survive
So if your black hole is spinning fast enough, you might presently live to tell the tale. This theory, according to researchers, lends some small acceptance to the science-fiction idea that black holes could act as a portal or wormhole for interstellar-travel.
You can read additional about this research on UniverseToday & the research paper here.
Black holes are still an unsolved conundrum. Scientists are endeavoring to figure out extra about them, how they from and why some times they burst- fiercely.

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