Physicists Are About To check A Hypothesis That Could-Rewrite The Textbook

A team of physicists suggested that the fundamental building unit proton can alter its structure below certain circumstances. Scientists are now performing experiments to explain that the structure of protons can change inside the nucleus under certain conditions. If they become winning, all the current studies are going to be reviewed. Anthony Thomas and his team have published their results in Physical Review- Letters. The experiments, which are at present underway in the US, aim to prove that the structure of protons can modify inside the nucleus of an atom under certain conditions. If that's establish to be the case, a whole lot of experiments are going to have to be reassessed.
Physicists Are About To check A Hypothesis That Could-Rewrite The Textbook
The researcher, Anthony Thomas said “The idea that the internal structure of protons might change under some specific setting seems to be ridiculous, for most of the scientists. While for others like me, indication of this internal change is well pursued and would help to explicate some of the uncertainties in theoretical physics”. This study has certain insinuations in the field of nuclear and theoretical physics. Protons are one of the smallest structure blocks, complete up of small particles known as quarks, bound together by gluons. They consider that the protons present inside the nuclei of atoms don’t have a fix structure.
But this idea seems not to satisfy the theory that explains relation between quarks and gluons name as Quantum Chromodynamics.
Thomas said “By bombarding the beam of electrons at an atomic nucleus, we can evaluate the difference in energy of the sociable electrons. Now we are looking forward for the suitable outcomes.”
Thomas also said “The results are considerable for us. This could put forward a new concept for nuclear physics”.
Whether their predictions are right or not, the consequences are going to add a top break-through in our notions concerning the fundamental building blocks – protons. And will give rise to some better concept about the chemistry of every-thing around us.

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