Can a Black Hole act as a Real time Machine? -

Can a Black Hole act as a Real time Machine?

Yes in a system a black hole can act as a time machine. Now, a black hole is just a star like our sun. Our sun is a standard star. In a way that our sun works is detail that is ball of hydrogen gas and the gravity of gas is colliding the hydrogen atoms together. As the hydrogen atoms collide together they form helium atoms and there is a small difference flanked by the mass of helium and hydrogen atoms. That little difference in mass consequences in light and heat in the form of energy. But finally what will happen is that this internal furnace will begin to get old up and when that happens the gravity of the star that push the star inward will not going to be balanced by the internal energy that’s approaching it outward and the star is leaving to collapse.
Can a Black Hole act as a Real time Machine?
And if you consider particularly big stars and when they begin to collapse, what eventually is leaving to happen is that the gravity around the star is leaving to become so great that the very light of the star trying to leave the star is leaving pulled back to the star and eventually the no light can leave that star at all. That step of a star is known as Black Hole. A black is presently simply a star collapsed at such a point that light that tries to escape is pulled back towards it unpaid to the massive gravity. So you see a black spherical entity out there. It turns out that the massive gravity of black hole not presently only effect light but time also. If you receive a clock and you are moving closer and closer to the black hole, you will find that time is actually starting to slow down. So if you someway get to the edge of the black hole the time will come almost to a halt, as a human being if you are getting earlier your heart rate will start to slow down and you will period less than everyone else. You could be close to a black for few hours and decade could be passing for everybody else. When you move away from the black hole you will discover yourself in the- future.

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