Black Holes: Bubbles Of Space-Time Open Gateway To A latest Universe, connected To Our Own

Researchers put forward a latest theory which states that bubbles of space-time were formed during the first phases of our Universe; ultimately those bubbles transformed into black holes and were linked to us through wormholes. Study revealed that after a number of time of the configuration, these bubbles lost their energies and emerge as black holes. Those black holes were great enough that each established its own universe within it, and connected to us by a hidden portal. Andrei Linde told “Those wormholes would have been linked to many other universes. Moreoevr, those wormholes last for not more than a second. This is certainly a deep subject.
We are just at the start to discover new things regarding the multiverse."
Scientists think that the universe expand, and as the universe expands these bubbles also get bigger with it, until the universe end to grow more. Small bubbles of space –time transforms into normal black hole. It is evaluated that these are nearly 100 million in our galaxy. Bigger space-time bubbles create larger black holes. Hence, size of a black hole depends on the size of the bubble. These spaces are huge enough that each carry an antire universe with a never ending inflation. As it is revealed in the movie “Interstellar”, our universe would have linked to several other universes by a wormhole.  
Black Holes: Bubbles Of Space-Time Open Gateway To A latest Universe, connected To Our Own
Jaume Garriga, co-author of the study told that the time has approved to send signals to these other universes. He delineate that how these black holes close shortly after they open, resist all other things to -enter.
This study opens latest gates to one of the most astrophysics’s conundrums. Scientists are now keep on trying to comprehend the cause behind the formation of such extremely huge black holes.
But theories say that these black holes weren’t here for so extended that they formed an entire universe in them. But now there is a theory which states that black hole, which holds a universe inside it could have begun with much larger than it was considered.
Linde put it in nutshell; he said “now and then general relativity comes up with such things that are not -instinctive”

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